Wonder Reel


We Ride
as One

Idea / Art Direction




Samsung’s goal was to bring the world together on a bike. Changing the world, one revolution at a time.


I worked as Art Director in a creative team at Iris Worlwide on this global project. The campaign concept revolved around inspiring people across the world to cycle for one hour each week. All pushing towards a big day where everyone would cycle as one. Different ages. Different levels. Different countries. Working together. Making a positive impact through cycling.


Excite people about a campaign for global good that connects all cyclists from around the world.

Celebrity participation, live digital out of home advertising featuring participants, and buzz building video content.


Participants pledge to take part in the cycling revolution by signing up with the WRAO App, connecting with fellow cyclists and taking on in-app challenges, sharing their progress with the exclusive Samsung community.


Next they come together at events in major cities across the world to celebrate the amazing things that have have been achieved, and recieve rewards on competitive and social levels for breaking new ground during the campaign.

Digital Advertising

Digital out of home posters encourage downloads of the app and to get involved in the pledge to cycle for at least an hour a week.

Ads aggregate user generated Instagrams hashtagged with #werideasone.

‘We Ride As One’ App

Connect to Facebook/Twitter allowing you to cycle on your own or form a team with your friends. Realtime indication of how many other riders are taking part as you cycle. Interacton, leave motivational high-fives for friends (Push notification).

Receive riding tips and recommended routes from Trek Pro Racers. Unlock simple rewards (Trek and Samsung deals) & larger prizes (phones). Reward interation with other members of the We Ride community. Achievement rewards: more distance, hitting targets etc.

Global Events

Participants gather in major cities around the world emulating New Year’s Eve waterfall/relay effect. Thousands of cyclists converge on iconic locations in cities like London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, etc. All part of the same movement.

Influencers show up to take part, Trek Pro Racing riders etc. High energy food is sold/given away. Samsung booth with latest Galaxy devices on display. Photo stands let you take photos with your friends on bikes. Riding workshops by Trek.


Wacky party atmosphere - Huge digital screens show off participants #werideasone images, inspirational video content, countdown clock, high achieving participant profiles and positive global impact stats. CycleStage: iconic/relevant band plays on a float that’s propelled and powered by cyclists. Leaderboard for more competitive cyclists who clock the most miles in an hour (on the day) and given prizes by Samsung and Trek.