Lloyds Banking Group

Today's Skills
for Everyone

Digital experience



Lloyds Banking Group wanted to help make digital skills available to everyone.

As digital creative director on this project at Six agency, we created an accessible educational platform called Lloyds Bank Academy. Users can learn online or face-to-face to ensure nobody gets left behind when it comes to learning skills for today’s world. The Academy provides access to a broad range of skills across many areas, from everyday life (shopping, entertainment, communicating) to work (for owners, employees and charities) – and it won’t ever stop expanding.

The insight

Lloyds Bank’s research revealed that millions of people in the UK still need digital skills, so they set out on a mission to bridge the skills gap and help ensure that nobody is left behind.

Tailored to you

The Academy is designed to be bespoke. By creating a tailored experience, learners can progress through suitable courses at their own speed in bite-sized pieces.

Changing lives

Sometimes it’s simply making the day-to-day that little bit easier through learning how to chat to a loved one on Skype, other times it’s transforming a small business with digital book-keeping. Through Lloyds Bank Academy we have helped people rethink what’s possible.

Making magic

From UX and strategy to design and copy, truly creative collaboration was key when we created the Academy. Working closely with Lloyds Banking Group, we tested, iterated and tested again to create an intuitive product that a vulnerable audience could benefit from.

Learn, then learn again

The ability to test new and existing knowledge throughout the learning process was a crucial component in the development of the online learning portal. We created a sophisticated quiz interface which provides users with feedback throughout a course.