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Football For Peace

Peace Around the World

Idea / Art Direction




Footbal For Peace wanted to launch a unique social campaign to unite cultures from across the world, through football.


The idea revolved around a Twitter campaign that we named ‘#PeaceAroundTheWorld’ where participants of varying skill levels, colours, status, and nationality attempt the well known ‘Around The World’ individual football skill on video, pledge their support/donate to FFP, and then pass the ball on to someone they know of a different nationality.

Pass The Ball

After attempting the skill, the individual aim would be to pass the ball as far as you can to a friend of another nationality/ culture/ race somewhere across the world. The collective aim would be to pass the ball ten times around the globe, touching as many countries & cultures as possible.

Uniting People

This campaign was thought up to encourage people to put their differences aside, and united for a common passion, Football. No matter what your background, race or religion, you can connect with people around the world through the beautiful game.

Final Event

The campaign would culminate in an FFP event that would include a multicultural ex pros match, branded merchandise, and launch of a new FFP led scheme.


We seed ‘Around the world’ video attempts on Twitter, along with links to FFP.com, inspiring entries and starting the mass sharing.

Entries from participants with a lack of ability would be funny, professionals failing the challenge / falling over, celebrities attempt it etc.

Pledge / Participate

People pledge their support for FFP & donate, along with filming their attempt at the ‘Around the world’ skill.


Participants then pass the ball as far as they can to a friend of another culture/colour/nationality, across the world. Rival players share the ball with eachother, rival soldiers/cultures & politicians share the ball with eachother.


Online hub would collate all entries, famous entries, top 10 entries etc, and show the total distance the ball has covered, with a countdown to the main target of 200,000 miles. Direct link to FFP info/site.