Wonder Reel

Nike Running

Nike Run Track

Art Direction / Design




Nike Running’s new winter range found inspiration in the Northern Lights.

To accompany this release they wanted an app allowing users to create an audio track based on their run.


I worked as Art Director / Design Lead on this project at AKQA.

The overall aim with Run Track was to enhance the experience of a winter run, giving users something tangible that they could take away as a momento and share after their hard work. It required a strong iterative process which resulted in a polished user friendly experience.


Once entering the Run Track experience users would select a run they had just carried out and match it up to an artist they liked. They could hear previews of the artists & tracks on offer, and unlock new artists by breaking new ground on their run.


The Run Track output is then affected by the run, whether it be the distance travelled, changes in directon/climb, or simply the conditions that the runner braves.


Once users create their run track they can share their run with the world through social media, including all the run info.

Customise & Share

After creating their Run Track users could then select a Nike photo or apply their own before sharing their Run Track card, displaying key run details.