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Creative Direction




Stoosh wanted to challenge the perception that British BAME women struggle with body image.


An Instagram strand telling the stories of young British woman struggling to come to terms with their body image, empowering them to love their looks. Whether it’s about weight, scars, body hair or stretch marks, we told the woman’s story: how she managed to like her flaws, see it as part of her identity and overall love her body. The photography used tight crops and close-ups on the body part disliked by the woman involved, creating a striking visual effect.

Real Stories

Each woman was interviewed in an open honest way. Our desire was to portray the struggle, empowerment, and strong personality shining through in each story.


Close crops were used to create abstract visuals that focussed in on the key body part in question. This made them stand out on social feeds and draw in our audience.


The campaign gathered lots of interest from media outlets including the Huffington Post & Grazia magazine who featured it, spreading it’s powerful message and creating lots of buzz.

The Shoot

The photo shoot took place in a natural light studio ensuring that all photography felt completely natural and that the finest details of the subjects form were captured.

Diverse Issues

A range of issues were covered in the strand, each one connecting on a tangible level.

No Treatment

All hero shots were left untreated so they remained completely authentic.