Wonder Reel

No Fear


Idea / Art Direction / Design




Give ‘Fearless Fred’ a home, which will display fearless video entries and allow voting/sharing.


‘Fearless Fred’ is an engaging microsite created for a competition based on a fictional ‘not-so-super’ superhero character called Fearless Fred. Users submitted a video demonstrating why they were suitable to become Fearless Fred, and were then voted for by their peers. The winner became the star of a showpiece event in Las Vegas where they would display their daring to the world.

Superhero Lair

Fearless Fred's superhero lair was the central backdrop of the website. Many subtle elements were used to create the dark, nerdy, fun tone we wanted.

Brand Exposure

The campaign activation was used to spread the brands messaging across a socially driven consumer audience.

Live Engagement

Users submitted their fearless entries to the site before peer voting and social sharing spread the content.


Inspiration, incentive, reward, brand exposure