Wonder Reel


Everyday Tablet

Idea / Art Direction




Galaxy Tab A. The most durable, family-friendly tablet to be released yet. Samsung needed a press ad which showed this to their target audience in an instant.


Working in a creative partnership, our answer to this brief was ‘The Everyday Tablet’. A selection of ads which Samsung ran through print and digital executions. The Tab A was shown in various family scenarios, with the use of dirty fingerprints giving an indication that becuase of it’s durability the tablet had been used for messy ‘everyday family’ activities.

Brave client

Agreeing to use images of their product covered in dirt was a brave move from Samsung, and something which created a striking and thought-provoking visual.

Full ad set

The full set of ads dipicted various family scenarios including pastel fingerprints with an image of a childs art, and soil fingerprints with a newly planted flower.


The concept came to life in out of home, press, and digital banner ads.