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Create a new brand approach for Ummahsonic. An online community, connecting the lives of British Muslims.


A rebranded social platform to celebrate and unite Muslims in their faith and passions through key online influencers and inspirational local community stories. Appealing to a young target audience we used a vibrant visual identity combined with dynamic and approachable messaging that speaks to people on a variety of levels.


It was important to create a brand that was bold and confident, making our audience look and feel good when sharing our content.


The audience was able to connect with real world events via our social channels, incuding spoken word, art challenges, and Ramadan celebrations.


The new brand approach lead to a vast increase in engagement on both Snapchat and Facebook creating a unified voice for Muslims across the UK.

Stand Out

A bold typographical style and vibrant, youthful coulour pallete all contribute to the brands striking appearance and ability to stand out on social media.

Key Influencers

Aspirational influencers spreading an authentic message were used in content creation.


A stong typographical hierarchy created impact across all brand meterials.