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Ummahsonic were after a cutting edge rebrand that matched the ambition and personality of their radio show. They wanted to appeal to their audience more effectively, and create a hub where listeners could digest all their great show content.


I was privileged to work as the creative lead on the rebrand and creative rethink of Ummahsonic radio station which is a muslim focused brand with national reach, and a fine reputation for creating thought provoking, cutting edge radio.

This project included the creation of a new brand direction, look & feel, brand image style, social ideas, and also online presence to house all the stations dynamic live content.

Brand Positioning

The aim of this rebrand was to position UmmahSonic as the leading aspirational beacon for muslims. Highlighting the succes of famous Muslims in various industries across the UK while also retaining a focus on their rich heritage.


A suite of additional content ‘features’ (tweets, video etc) are displayed with each show, allowing users to view and easily share them, sparking conversation and debate.

Eco System

User tailored related content is constantly served up with each feature so the user is engaged at each stage of their online experience.

Show Interface

Sleek and easy to use, this interface allows users to easily browse content.

Seamlessly Responsive

The cleanly designed interface works well across all browser sizes.