Wonder Reel


National Huddle

Idea / Art Direction




Ahead of the Rugby World Cup, global partner Samsung were keen to capture the imagination and support of the nation with a dynamic social campaign.


‘National Huddle’ was a digital campaign idea I came up with while at Iris working on a Rugby World Cup brief. The concept was to allow England supporters to go behind the scenes into the dressing room of the team they love. Pre match build up would revolved around a national huddle and would allow Samsung customers to submit their photo to a national huddle and interact with the team live as they prepare to play.

In Store

Fans would go to Samsung stores or onto their official Samsung App to submit their ‘huddle’ photo, along with a message of support to the team. All photos would then be stitched together to create an online National Huddle that would be projected into the England dressing room pre-match.

Real Time

Live video stream from inside the dressing room would be watched by all App users, providing live feedback from the team as they prepare to play - “thanks for your support guys, we’re doing this for you!”.


‘4,591,021 people around England are in the huddle.’ The team are informed how many fans across the country/world have joined in the huddle with them and are watching live. Inspiring the team to new levels of passion.