Wonder Reel


Famous Steps

Idea / Art Direction




Adidas athletes have provided so many memorable sporting moments. How can we bring the magic of these moments to their newest customers?


‘Famous Steps’ was a proactive idea for adidas that celebrates the greatest moments in sports history by allowing you to retrace the steps of famous sports people, in your own adidas trainers. Use the mobile app to copy Messi’s world famous goal, in your own living room, or recreate Ali’s dancing steps when he KO’d Foreman in the Rumble in the Jungle.


The App gives users guidance on how to replicate iconic moments, more detail on the occasion when it took place, and adidas’ involvement.browsers would be groundbreaking.


Launch would coincide with re-release of famous adidas footwear (Beckham’s Predators, Ali’s boots etc).

In Store

In store famous steps can be recreated even more immersively, using Oculus Rift.