Wonder Reel

Small Steps


Creative Direction




Create a new brand approach for Small Steps, an organisation dedicated to raising awareness of division in the UK.


An integrated relaunch of the Small Steps brand in the form of a new look & feel, informative and engaging print materials for events, film treatments, and a brand new website with highly sophisticated UX structure and slick new design helping target audiences spot the signs and act to deter division amongst communities.


A modern look & feel with a simple but elegant logo mark was complemented by a striking colour pallete. This enabled us to convey information clearly while appealing to a younger audience.


Informative materials on the signs, dangers, and history of division for training workshops with school children, teachers and parents required a versatile tone of voice and strong design.


Small Steps were delighted with their new brand and improved communications which allow their audience to digest info in new and engaging ways.


Leaflets, training booklets, posters and other materials were all designed to be digested in an engaging way. Again typography and layout were key.


Users were taken on a journey to learn about the issue before seeing what service
Small Steps offered.


Photography style was key to this work. A lot of time was spent making sure that we captured an assertive, emotional, and direct tone in the shoot.